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Ruddy Well – Local Hop

Posted by on Oct 1, 2013

Ruddy Well – Local Hop

Ruddy Well Band Compass“There’s no ambiguity when it comes to figuring out who and what they are. They’re straight-ahead acoustic charm wrapped up in passionate and ample fiddle lines and earnest songwriting.

The quartet, —Andrew Ruddy, Monique Ritter, Ryan Burdick and Blake Propst— brings innocent, heartfelt, chugging bluegrass that might remind fans of a much (much) tamer version of the Binghamton band Driftwood. While Driftwood uses powerful dynamics to prove their points, Ruddy Well errs on the side of consistency, delivering a CD that sounds professional (recorded at SubCat Studios) but remains fairly steady on the dynamic line. Energy hits highest in the appropriately titled “High” and mellows sweetly in the closing lullaby, “Goodnight Anna,” but the band never hits overwhelming peaks or valleys.

Still, the group, led by the songwriting of Ruddy, brings all the beauty of classic bluegrass to modern tunes: chucking violin (when the bow hits the strings sharply, cutting off the sound, often on upbeats), full harmonies and sweet lyrics about “lips that taste like wine” (“Just Give Me Time”) and “I’ll cook you eggs if you wake by my side” (“I’m All Good”). The skilled vocals are refreshing and the musical work is clean, leaving a polished product in the case. With a clear identity and a crisp sound, this band is on the right course.”

– Review by local Syracuse Journalist Jessica Novak, in Syracuse New Times, Wednesday, September 11th, 2013


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