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Ruddy Well with Marshall Tucker @ the Kallet Theater

Posted by on Nov 4, 2014

Ruddy Well with Marshall Tucker @ the Kallet Theater

This November 21st, the Ruddy Well Band will be opening for the Marshall Tucker Band in a charity event for Christine Lafave.

November 21st 2014
Doors at 6:30
Concert begins at 7:30
Tickets: On sale NOW!

About Christine Lafave:

In January 2013, after the discovery of a lump in her breast, Christine was diagnosed with metastatic (stage 4) breast cancer, a terminal diagnosis. The cancer had spread from her breast to her lymph nodes and bones. The next eight months for Christine focused exclusively on treatment; she endured surgery, dose dense chemotherapy and direct beam radiation for a cancerous lesion in her sternum. Even with advanced treatment the cancer has not disappeared, so she continues her battle against the disease.

Christine has been living with breast cancer for over 18 months but doesn’t let that stop her from having a full and productive life. She works full time, teaching undergraduate students biology. She loves learning and is energized by the daily student engagement. Through her knowledge of physiology she seeks to educate others and shares what it is like to fight and live with metastatic breast cancer.

Christine loves to spend time with her daughter, Grace, as her caregiver, playmate, teacher, soccer and dance mom. As a member of St. James Parish in Cazenovia she serves as a lector and religious educator. It is through faith, family and community support that she finds strength to carry on, tell her story and be an inspiration to others.

Christine LaFave is wife to Tom, a mother to 7 year old Grace, step mother to Andrew and Emily, a daughter, a sister, a Colgate University professor and a breast cancer warrior.

Join us November 21st to Celebrate Christine.